Stand Your Ground

Patriotic Song Number #1 Feature Pick

Reprinted courtesy of CASHBOX Magazine

Soldiers Miguel Rodriguez and Ken Klein of the 101st Airborne look onward as singer/songwriter Eddie Reasoner autographs copies of his nationally charted patriotic song, “Stand Your Ground”.  Reasoner co-wrote, produced and recorded the song in support of American Servicemen and Women deployed in the Middle East.  The Song and video has aired in over 120 Countries via the Armed Forces Radio and Television Network since it’s release. 


(l-r) Rodriguez, Reasoner and Klein

Reasoner welcomed home the soldiers of the 101st Airborne by performing “Stand Your Ground” along with the National Anthem at the Welcome Home Celebration in Clarksville, Tennessee near Ft. Campbell and has appeared at a number of support rallys and welcome home celebrations across the United States.


ally Organizers and Military Officials with Eddie Reasoner



As appeared in the JOURNAL STAR Peoria, Illinois

Organizers are hoping for 10,000 participants at the Desert Storm II Support Rally to be held at 2 p.m. Sunday at Eckwood Park in downtown Peoria.  “Apparently this will be a Victory Rally said Bill Comer, commander of Peoria’s American Legion Post 2, at a press conference Thurs., While there is a certain amount of relief with recent developments in the Gulf, rally organizers said there is still a need to support troops who remain seperated from their families. “There’s a lot of people who are going to be over there for a long time and they still need our support” said retired Peoria Police Sgt. David Horner, one of the rally organizers. 


Eddie Reasoner Stands United with US War Veterans


Singer/songwriter Eddie Reasoner will be performing his song “Stand Your Ground” at the rally and will present a concert at the Continental Regency Hotel immediately following.

The song supports U.S. Military efforts in the Persian Gulf with lyrics like this:

“God Bless My Brother Joe – ‘Cause He’s All Set To Go

And I’ll Be Right Behind Him If He Needs Me

With the Nations All Beside Us and the Good Lord There to Guide Us

It Won’t Be Long Until We Set Em’ Free


Eddie Reasoner presents a check in support of Desert Storm Families


The rally is being organized by local veterans and family support groups and concert tickets will be available at the door.