Sidney Sheldon

“You Made Me Believe in Angels”

Remembering Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon, Screenwriter, Novelist, Producer, Director, Songwriter

Sidney Sheldon, (Guinness Book of Records as the most translated author in the World) is a name that will forever be synonymous with Novels, Motion Pictures, Television and lastly Songwriting. Although Sheldon’s biography hardly mentions his talent as a songwriter, it was indeed songwriting that was initially responsible for his other monumental successes. Working as a hat and coat boy at the Bismarck Hotel near Tin Pan Alley in Chicago, a young Sidney Sheldon gave Phil Levant (a popular orchestra leader at the time) an original song he had written. Levant orchestrated the composition and used it for a time in his nightclub show – a beginning of a dream.

It wasn’t long until Sheldon left Chicago for Los Angeles and took a job as a script reader for some of the major movie studios including Universal. Over time this career move would prove invaluable as after World War II, Sheldon became famous not as a songwriter but as a playwright, screenwriter, novelist and a director/producer. In film – he won an academy award for “The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer” starring Cary Grant, and authored other productions including “Easter Parade”, “Annie Get Your Gun”, “Jumbo” and “Anything Goes” with Bing Crosby. As Television gained popularity so did Sheldon by creating over 78 scripts for ABC’s “The Patty Duke Show” and creating the ever popular series “I Dream of Jeannie” starring Barbara Eden which earned him an Emmy Nomination. Later, he created another network series “Hart to Hart” starring Robert Wagner,Stefanie Powers and Lionel Stander. As if Film and Television were not enough, the motivated Sidney Sheldon would go on to write hugely popular novels, all on the New York Times best seller list, and many of which would also become films and television movies with titles such as “The Other Side of Midnight”, ” Bloodline”, “A Stranger in the Mirror”, “Rage of Angels”, “Windmills of the Gods”, “Master of the Game”, “Tell Me Your Dreams” and “The Sky is Falling.”

In 1985, Sheldon lost his first wife Jorga and four years later married Alexandra Kostoff, a former child actress and well established advertising executive. These experiences of life in conjunction with Sidney’s enormous talents began to evolve into several song lyrics as Sheldon’ continued his life long dream of being a songwriter.

Fast forward to 1999 – enter Award Winning Nashville Songwriter/Composer Eddie Reasoner. Reasoner was in Los Angeles composing with longtime friend and colleague Carol Connors (Theme from Rocky, With You I’m Born Again – 10 Major Awards). Connors invited Reasoner to attend the American Society of Musicians and Composers (ASMAC) Golden Score Awards where legendary composers Bill Conti, John Williams, Marilyn Bergman and other moguls of film and music were being honored. Here he met the legendary Sidney Sheldon. Sheldon immediately took a liking and over the next few months would share several lyric sets and song ideas with Reasoner. The result was a collaboration of three recorded songs including “You Made Me Believe In Angels” which soundly expresses Sheldon’s love and affection for his wife Alexandra. “Kind Word and Cup of Coffee” the story of a lonely man in search of a big city smile and “Build Me A Man – Build Me A Woman” a energetic duet which expresses true affection between one man and one woman.


Sidney Sheldon, Carol Connors, Eddie Reasoner and Actress Rebecca Holden ASMAC Awards

“Sidney Sheldon was a very unique man” said Reasoner. “I had the honor of visiting him several times in his Los Angeles Estate, and each time he made me feel so very welcome and special – he defined the very meaning of the word “Gentleman”“Mr. Sheldon had an amazing ability to tell a story which is the heart and soul of great songwriting”

In a press interview for “The Sky is Falling” one of his last novels, Sheldon shares his passion for songwriting along with his heartfelt collaborations with Eddie Reasoner. Unfortunately, Sidney Sheldon passed away in January of 2007.

In rememberance Eddie Reasoner said,

“Sidney was extremely gifted and lived a wonderful life and through his best selling novels, award winning movies, screenplays and fullfilled dream of being a songwriter –

It was Sidney Sheldon who made us all “Believe in Angels.”

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