Songwriter/Record Producer/Master Musician 

Highly respected in both the United States and Europe as a songwriter, session musician, guitar virtuoso, and record producer – Jackie Simons delivers no less than the very best.  He has shared the stage and studio with some of the absolute finest talent in the world delivering his signature funk grooves, irresistible rhythms and blazingly fast guitar solos while adding his own unique style to ultra smooth ballads and jazz numbers.  

Simons music is fresh and exciting – on stage he is particularly noted for his blistering hot guitar solos and James Brown type dance moves.  In fact, European audiences were so taken with his showmanship that he was consistently sought for records, interviews, pictures and autographs while touring in Italy, France and the UK. 

Jackie Simon’s demands perfection both in his music and in his private collection of musical instruments, in fact the expectations of his guitars are so specific that Jackie designs his own – down to the last infinite detail. 

When not on the road,  performing live, or producing a record in the studio  – you’ll find Jackie Simons teaching vocal style, music theory and/or giving private guitar instruction for many major label accounts such as Warner Bros. Records, Sony Records and Disney/Lyric Street Records. 

Jackie Simons lives in Nashville, Tennessee.